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F1 Fan shirts made by F1 Fans. 

My love affair with F1 started back in middle school when I watched Nigel Mansell in a Suzuki Liana go round the Top Gear test track. To this day, one of my greatest regrets in life is that I was just one person too far back in line to make it into the theater to see the Senna doc premiere at Sundance in 2011. Still wished I’d tried to sneak in...

I tried to convince her for years with no success, but Netflix's “Drive to Survive” finally got my sister interested in F1, and during COVID, watching the race quickly became our weekly bonding ritual. 

We’re both suckers for some good merch, but F1 doesn’t exactly have the greatest options.

You can spend a wild amount of money to look like a walking billboard, or you can buy some of the most garbage-quality shirts from the teams or drivers. I bought shirts that fell apart on the first wash, learned I could be a size Medium or a size XXL depending on the shirt, and the prices definitely help explain how they can pay the drivers what they do. 

So we created "Spin the Tires"  and solved the F1 merchandise conundrum. 

This is Formula One gear made by fans, for the fans. Whether you want to playfully tease Charles Leclerc for his inexplicable fascination with that wall in Baku, secretly wish for an end to Lewis and Max's total dominance, or simply want to channel your inner Kimi Raikkonen, we've got a shirt to match your F1 vibe. 


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